The Not-So-Distant-Future:

Scientists studying the DNA of mass murderers have discovered a rare gene, HSS-282, that they associate with violent, psychotic behaviors. The U.S. Justice Department has instituted a secret program. Federal prison inmates possessing the gene have been isolated in a remote correctional facility for further observation and testing . . .

FBI Agent Griff Krenshaw is sent to a secret government research facility to investigate a mysterious death. When he arrives, he discovers that head of security Warden Sweeney is at odds with the scientific research team, headed by the beautiful and kindly Dana Earnhart. Their ongoing feud makes it more difficult for Griff to complete his investigation.

As he struggles to decide who to trust, he begins to see terrifying visions of his tragic past. Under the guidance of prison chaplain Father Warren, he becomes convinced that a demon is at work in the prison. But others become concerned about his increasingly erratic behavior and the inner “demons” he brought with him.


Richard Speight Jr

Richard Speight Jr.

as Griff Krenshaw

Cameron Richardson

Cameron Richardson

as Dr. Dana Ehrhart

Lindsey Ginter

Lindsey Ginter

as Warden Sweeney

Anthony L Fernandez

Anthony Fernandez

as Juan Morales


Gene Gabriel

as Officer Ryder


Ted Heyck

as Father Warren

Lindsay Ayliffe

Lindsay Ayliffe

as Director Carlson


Jon-Paul Vertuccio

as Eric Krenshaw


James Crosby

as Wesley


Ned Liebl

as Yaxley

Kervens Joseph

Kervens Joseph

as Zero


Kruiz Mauga

as Payton


Jeffrey Henderson

as Avery


Suzanne Cotsakos

as Babysitter

Don Hartman

Don Hartman

as Director Nelson

Jessica Cameron

Jessica Cameron

as Amanda

Aaron Bailey

Aaron Bailey

as Male Nurse

Connor Noyes

Connor Noyes

as Young Guard



Kathryn F. Taylor


Giulia Prenna


Kaila York

Director of Photography

John Frost

Production Designer

Lauree Martell

Casting Director

Adrienne Stern

Costume Designer

Ivy Thaide


Aaron Keane

Special Effects

Rowan Glenn

Additional Editor

Joshua Rifkin

Post Production

Trailblazer Studios is an award-winning production, post, and sound facility based in Raleigh, NC, with two of the area’s largest sound stages. They specialize in developing original programming, commercial and video production, editing (offline and online), color correction, motion graphics, animation, original music, sound design and surround mixing.



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